How To Choose The Right Wedding Photography Package

Many studios in Singapore offer various types of wedding photography packages, some for ROM, some for pre/post weddings while others are for the actual day. Among these individual packages, there are also a lot of sub packages. How do you ensure that you end up with the right and most suitable package for you and your spouse?

For those who are not aware, ROM photography is something which is unique to couples getting their marriage registered in Singapore. It actually stands for Registrar of Marriage, which makes no sense when used in the form ‘ROM photography’, but essentially what it means is that it’s wedding photography of the signing of marriage contract papers and the events that follow it. I wouldn’t recommend going for ROM photography, as many couples also sign a mock contract on the actual day ceremony as a ceremonial event. This is why couples can actually just get this ‘event’ photographed during their actual day wedding, and this saves them a few hundred dollars instead of going for a ROM package as well.

Next of all, let us talk about pre or post wedding photography. Many couples get married in their mid to late 20s in Singapore. This means that they have started their careers for 2-5 years, and therefore, may not be affluent yet. This is also the reason why for those couples who want to get pre wedding photographs taken, but cannot afford it at that time, simply go back a few years after their marriage, rent a suit and gown and take their photographs then. The effect will be the same, but you can hire a much better wedding photographer in Singapore because your budget will be higher.

Third of all, come on. Invest in a good actual day wedding photographer. This is something which cannot be repeated, hence, if you do not engage a good, professional photographer for your wedding (i.e., you won’t be able to recapture the same scenes ever again in your life. When it comes to actual day bridal photography packages, make sure to choose the one that’s suitable for you. If you want your morning events and dinner banquet in Singapore to be filmed and photographed, then make sure to go for the higher end package, which is usually 10 hours. Most studios and bridal photographers in Singapore offer a 5 hour (for half day) or a 10 hour (for full day coverage) photography package. Make sure to pick the right choice for yourself and your spouse.