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            來源:衍筑美學編輯組 | 作者:小衍 | 發布時間: 2021-03-02 | 449 次瀏覽 | 分享到:
            The first floor layout project is located on the first floor of the podium building of an old community in Haizhu District. The owner is a Taobao shopkeeper who mainly sells simulation plants. One day, he came to our company and strolled around. When he saw the outdoor green plants and outdoor wooden tables and chairs, he was suddenly moved. He came in and talked with us about his house, because his house is also located on the first floor. He likes our small shape very much. Anyway, he hopes that we can help him design it.
            The house is a small high-rise building with a total height of only 4.5 meters. He wants to keep the existing loft, but he is afraid of depression.
            After our early measurement and communication, we decided to make a staggered floor loft design.

            原始結構圖|Original drawing


            On the first floor of the main functional area, we have arranged a working room and a reception room, and a rest room is arranged above the reception room, so that the daylighting problem of the rest room is solved. We have designed the form of tatami for the bed position of the rest room. The only difference is that the height of the tatami is higher than that of the reception room on the first floor, so that the elevation of the first floor door can be 2.5 meters, to the height of the first floor Less will not feel depressed, and the second floor tatami location for the bed, 1.9 meters, also acceptable.
            The owner was very satisfied with our solution, so we improved the whole solution and gave it to Party A.

            設計效果圖|Design renderings

            Sunlight from the cracks in the leaves down, the ground mottled shadow also with the breeze constantly shaking. Leaning against the corner of the wall, on a bamboo chair, there is a book that has been read many times. The wind is flipping at will. On the small rattan table next to it, the freshly made coffee in the white coffee cup is still steaming white, listening to the birds in the tree. The old house in the pastoral atmosphere of fangfo has never been to the urban area.

            Project address: Haizhu District, Guangzhou
            Indoor area: 30 M2
            Project type: residential commercial space
            Design content: Interior Design
            Design Institute: Art land, chuangyanyi (Guangzhou) Design Co., Ltd
            Main creators: Feng suirong, Li Zhenxing
            Team member: Chaoyang, Yanzhu aesthetic design group
            Design time: July 2019