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            來源: | 作者:小衍 | 發布時間: 2020-07-03 | 421 次瀏覽 | 分享到:


            項目概覽,project preview


            Project area is not large, the use of area of 60 ㎡, the owner is a couple after 90, the young have a dream, the new generation of customer requirement for decoration quality is to streamline and fashion, both the connotation, pay more attention to material benefit is mainly two people home, hope can do have a temperature, not need too trival modelling, particularly interested Japanese contracted style, this requirement just hit our design idea, design needs to have a temperature. Functionally, the main room is reserved as a studio, but also as a children's room.

            方案設計,project design


            So, in terms of design, we pass through the partition of the kitchen, and take out part of the area from the position of the sitting room to do in the kitchen, so that we can meet the whole sitting room space appear a gender, at the same time, when a person is busy in the kitchen, another person can join in, from the vision increased interaction, let the home have a warm sweet emotional appeal.

            ▼玄關設計,porch design

            ▼客廳設計,Sitting room

            ▼陽臺設計,The balcony

            ▼主臥設計,The master bedroom design

            ▼次臥設計,Second lie the design


            In the process of construction, owner also is very serious to the requirement of detail, include wood to act the role of face to use the choose and buy of material to doorknob, owner put forward very specific requirement. The construction time span just happened to meet the Spring Festival, and the impact of the epidemic, although the owner is very picky about the technology and materials, but also very considerate to the engineering team. Thanks for the owner's full trust in our team.

                                                                   ▼完成展現,Complete the show


            Accustomed to urban prosperity, yearning for the quiet countryside, perhaps gentle wind is a very good choice. The whole space with light grace, do not need too much color, do not need too much modeling, do not need too much decoration.








            Project address: Haizhu District, Guangzhou

            Indoor area: 60㎡

            Project type: Residential space design

            Design content: Interior design

            Design agency: Art Land, Chuangyan Art (Guangzhou) Design Co., LTD

            Creative team: Feng Meirong, Li Zhenxing

            Team members: Zhang Kelin, Xue Zhi, Zhang Weiping