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★ Common Fault 

1. Solutions to non wire feeding: 

    Test with multimeter if the controlling cable is broken down or mixed;

    Test if the values of armature resistance of wire feeder is normal;

 Check the wire feeding fuse. If it is short circuit, also check if the nozzle is stuck. Only to change the fuse after solving all the peripheral problems.

 Check the torch and the inching switch.

2. Solutions when wire feeder speed could not be adjusted.

 Check the potentiometer to adjust the wire feeding speed (welding current);

    Check if the remote-control cable is mixed; 

3. Solutions when the fuse is burned as soon as wire feeding is started

    There may be a short circuit point in the wire feeder or on the remote-control cable;

    Braking FET on the circuit board is broken down; 

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