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Nantong Zhenkang Electromechanical Co., Ltd bears the mission and responsibility of the Chinese industrial development. We have realized our development by leaps and bounds featuring something out of nothing, from small to large and from weak to strong. Time and tide will wait for no man, in this quick-changing era of industrial development, we have been constantly solidifying our “old force”, wire feeder while we are actively engaged in the development of our “new force”, RV gear reducer used in the robot filed.

As it’s said, if you want to go fast, walk alone and if you want to go far, walk together. We lay emphasis on teamwork, win-win cooperation, consistent expansion and a sustainable way of development based on the philosophy of gradual accumulation to make a big success quickly.

We always persist in our goal of “self-reliance, innovation, pragmatism and striving forward”.

1. Self-reliance: “you could only shoot the arrow after the target is set.” We must constantly perfect our products to gain a foothold in our industry and further solidity our position. To make yourself strong is the only way to push the further development of the company. Our goal is to create elite product Made-in-China, carry forward the Chinese national spirit.

2. Innovation: “Innovation brings about thriving while perish is the outcome of not doing so.” Innovation is the original power for a company to develop, and the root for a company to survive and develop. Our idea is to continue to improve our efficiency and make constant adjustment to the needs of economic development.

3. Pragmatism: “All matters shall be people-oriented and reality-based.” We should set our foot firmly on the ground and make steady progress. We firmly believe that gradual accumulation will make a big success quickly and as the saying goes, dripping water wears through a stone, we are sure to make further achievement by taking this pragmatic approach.

4. Striving forward: “Strive to be stronger and plough through the winds and waves.” With confidence, determination and courage, all matters can be done. We are supposed to create value for the society and deliver more happiness and enjoyment for others.

Past achievements are the cohesion of all staff’s efforts and perspiration. Meanwhile, we shall continue to work hard to face up to the opportunities and challenges in the future. In fiercely competitive market environment, Companies engaged in the production of the core parts of industrial robots are still faced up with a wide range of opportunities and severe challenges. We must seize new opportunities, accept new challenges and promote the development of our company with high responsibility and sense of mission. As the founder of the company, I thank all staff for their devotions and efforts on behalf of the company. All the achievements Zhenkang has made include the hard working and efforts by all staff in the company. Zhenkang will be more prosperous and vigorous with all of you tomorrow!  

President: Tang Zikang 

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