Beautiful Wedding Photography Locations In Singapore

Many couples who are getting a wedding phootshoot in Singapore must be thinking about where they can have their photoshoot at. There are lots of beautiful places you can have your wedding photo at, and here are some of them (check out the following video below to see images taken at these locations). Something very important is also to engage a great wedding photography studio in Singapore i.e. !

First of all, Henderson Waves. With really unique architecture, Henderson Waves provide a great backdrop for all kinds of wedding day shoots.

Second of all, Helix bridge next to Marina Bay Sands is a great place for wedding photos taken in the evening. Helix bridge may not look like much in the day, but the lighting and lighted city skyline in the backdrop look amazing as a backdrop for a wedding photograph taken in the evening.

Third of all,  Upper Seletar Reservoir. Upper Seletar Reservoir may be secluded, but even if both you and the engaged wedding photographer does not have a car, it’s so easy to get an Uber cab to pick you up from there after the photo shoot at Upper Seletar Reservoir.

Best of all? The three places in Singapore mentioned above are all relatively near each other! This means that travelling time between them are minimal and you can spend more time having photographs taken rather than spend more time travelling.

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