Choosing A Wedding Photographer – Professional Tips!

We understand that choosing a wedding photographer can be a very intimidating task – especially when picking a right one can make your day perfect, and picking a wrong one can be downright disastrous. This is something you cannot afford to muck up.

Earlier on in my first post, I shared how I would pick a wedding photographer in Singapore. However, in this post, I would like to share the above video with you. Watch it, and let me know what you think in the comments section below!

Picking the right studio will make your wedding day… always remember that.

How To Choose The Right Wedding Photography Package

Many studios in Singapore offer various types of wedding photography packages, some for ROM, some for pre/post weddings while others are for the actual day. Among these individual packages, there are also a lot of sub packages. How do you ensure that you end up with the right and most suitable package for you and your spouse?

For those who are not aware, ROM photography is something which is unique to couples getting their marriage registered in Singapore. It actually stands for Registrar of Marriage, which makes no sense when used in the form ‘ROM photography’, but essentially what it means is that it’s wedding photography of the signing of marriage contract papers and the events that follow it. I wouldn’t recommend going for ROM photography, as many couples also sign a mock contract on the actual day ceremony as a ceremonial event. This is why couples can actually just get this ‘event’ photographed during their actual day wedding, and this saves them a few hundred dollars instead of going for a ROM package as well.

Next of all, let us talk about pre or post wedding photography. Many couples get married in their mid to late 20s in Singapore. This means that they have started their careers for 2-5 years, and therefore, may not be affluent yet. This is also the reason why for those couples who want to get pre wedding photographs taken, but cannot afford it at that time, simply go back a few years after their marriage, rent a suit and gown and take their photographs then. The effect will be the same, but you can hire a much better wedding photographer in Singapore because your budget will be higher.

Third of all, come on. Invest in a good actual day wedding photographer. This is something which cannot be repeated, hence, if you do not engage a good, professional photographer for your wedding (i.e., you won’t be able to recapture the same scenes ever again in your life. When it comes to actual day bridal photography packages, make sure to choose the one that’s suitable for you. If you want your morning events and dinner banquet in Singapore to be filmed and photographed, then make sure to go for the higher end package, which is usually 10 hours. Most studios and bridal photographers in Singapore offer a 5 hour (for half day) or a 10 hour (for full day coverage) photography package. Make sure to pick the right choice for yourself and your spouse.

Beautiful Wedding Photography Locations In Singapore

Many couples who are getting a wedding phootshoot in Singapore must be thinking about where they can have their photoshoot at. There are lots of beautiful places you can have your wedding photo at, and here are some of them (check out the following video below to see images taken at these locations). Something very important is also to engage a great wedding photography studio in Singapore i.e. !

First of all, Henderson Waves. With really unique architecture, Henderson Waves provide a great backdrop for all kinds of wedding day shoots.

Second of all, Helix bridge next to Marina Bay Sands is a great place for wedding photos taken in the evening. Helix bridge may not look like much in the day, but the lighting and lighted city skyline in the backdrop look amazing as a backdrop for a wedding photograph taken in the evening.

Third of all,  Upper Seletar Reservoir. Upper Seletar Reservoir may be secluded, but even if both you and the engaged wedding photographer does not have a car, it’s so easy to get an Uber cab to pick you up from there after the photo shoot at Upper Seletar Reservoir.

Best of all? The three places in Singapore mentioned above are all relatively near each other! This means that travelling time between them are minimal and you can spend more time having photographs taken rather than spend more time travelling.

Picking A Wedding Photographer The Right Way

There are many ways in which a couple picks a wedding photographer. Some go through their friends’ recommendations, some go to their friends who are in the wedding photography business, while others go online and research about the various professional wedding photographers in Singapore. Let us talk about the various pros and cons about each method.

Pros of going through friends’ recommendation:

  • If your friend’s tastes for wedding photography is the same as yours and your fiance, then it’ll be great as you will be able to get a highly similar style of photography as they did (generally speaking).
  • You may be able to ask for a discount.

Cons of going through friends’ recommendation:

  • If things turn out bad, chances are, you may also blame your friends and then end up with no more friendship.
  • Sometimes, a wedding photographer can have a very unique (read: weird) personality. If you like the wedding photos your friends’ recommended photo take, but if you do not like the photographer himself, chances are, you’re going to be miserable on the actual day of the shoot. This is because some couples prefer working with a director style photographer (most couples not well versed with photography like this because it’s hands free for them), but some couples may prefer working with a passive photographer who just captures wedding pictures for them (while they come up with their own poses and ideas only).

Pros of going to a friend who is a photographer:

  • You may get a discount.
  • It’s easy to communicate with him or her since you’re already friends with him or her.

Cons of going to a friend who is a photographer:

  • If the only reason you went to your friend is because he or she gives you a greater discount and lower prices than outside photographers, you’re going to blame that on him or her if the photographs turn out sub-par. (e.g. accuse him or her for poorer quality photographs because he or she gave you a steep discount).
  • If the photographs don’t turn out as expected, you may lose that friendship, which is bad.

Pros of researching online:

  • You can find out the reviews of the said photographer whom you’re thinking of engaging.
  • You liaise directly with the photographer or the wedding photography studio, and this allows you to judge their personalities and quality of photography without letting anything like emotions cloud your perception.
  • You can find a lot of photographers within a short period of time and decide from there, because almost every single wedding photographer in Singapore has their own website. You can easily look for them in minutes on Google or Instagram.

Cons of researching online:

  • Some photographers list their email or contact numbers online, but are absolutely non-responsive.

Personally, I went through a friend’s recommendation (i.e., and then checked out their portfolio online, talked to the photographer and decided to pick their packages. I combined the best of the above 2 methods (friends’ recommendation + researching online) to pick, and in my opinion the wedding photos I took with Grandeur was good and quite a pleased experience overall..). You can find them if you’re taking a wedding photoshoot in Singapore.